Stage One In School: An Excerpt from Urban Science Academy’s Final Performance “Making it Out”

Stage One In-School is an in school theatre education residency designed to foster each young actor’s personal growth and theatrical development. This year, we are working with five Boston Public Schools: Another Course to College (ACC), Boston Adult Technical Academy (BATA), Fenway High School, Jeremiah E. Burke High School and Urban Science Academy (USA). Focusing on both writing and performance skills, Company One instructors are committed to teaching theatre as a process, leading the student-artist to develop his or her skills at their own rate, while deciding which techniques may best suit the individual.

Through class discussions, improvisation, and creative writing sessions, students at Urban Science Academy put together a piece centered on the idea of breaking the stereotype, beating the odds, and ultimately “Making it Out”. Check out an excerpt from “Making it Out”, created and written by Urban Science Academy Theatre Students:


“Making it Out” – Scene Five


“Stop the Silence”- a spoken word piece written by C1 Production Apprentices

During their time with Company One Theatre, Teen Production Apprentices work on community engagement projects for each show that we produce in order to reach out and spark conversation in their communities about the work Company One is doing. With the current production in collaboration with ArtsEmerson, “We are Proud to Present a Presentation about the Herero of Namibia, Formerly Known as Southwest Africa, from the German Sudwestafrika, Between the Years 1884-1915” by Jackie Sibblies Drury, the apprentices decided to create a public service announcement video in which they shed light on some of the big issues surrounding the play. Check out the opening sequence to their video: Stop the Silence, a spoken word piece written by Brieana Valdez, Kemal Beyaztas, Shayna Bredbeck, Shawn Phillip, and Nada Shaaban!

Stop the Silence

Enough is enough, so we’re speaking up,

Against the silence and violence, that will soon again corrupt.

Not so simple as black and white, and yet these colors are the reason why we fight.

A certified homicide nationwide, recognize that genocide is never justified.

Company One theatre doesn’t just put on a show,

They’re spreading the word, for everyone to know.

The Herero of Namibia were taught a lesson,

A lesson from the man, to never second guess ‘em.

A heritage and pride that was once so strong:




It was all so wrong.

But what happened in Namibia is just one case,

Of how greed and violence disgrace the human race.

From Rwanda to Darfur, from Armenian to Assyrian,

These atrocities too often occur, too many lost in oblivion.

We’re here to spread the word,

And see how much you know,

And hopefully convince you to see this awesome show.

Spread the word,

Not the violence

Raise awareness


Meet our BYF Production Apprentices!

From left to right: Shawn Phillip, Brieana Valdez, Nada Shaaban, Shayna Bredbeck, Kemal Beyaztas

From left to right: Shawn Phillip, Brieana Valdez, Nada Shaaban, Shayna Bredbeck, Kemal Beyaztas

Placed with us through the Boston Youth Fund, Company One Theatre Production Apprentices are given the opportunity to explore the vast realm of work in the theatre while learning positive and tangible work skills. 

“I worked here over the summer and I learned about collaboration and how each aspect of theatre affects other aspects. Lighting relies on sound and sound relies on set design, etc. Theatre has many branches to it but they are all connected to the same tree.”

 – Brieana Valdez