Story Boards from Stage One students at Another Course to College and Jeremiah Burke High School

As part of the theatre curriculum at ACC and Jeremiah Burke High School, students tackle the playwriting process in unique ways. At first, students pick quotes and/or images that inspire themes and topics they want to discuss in their pieces. Then, students create story boards using the quotes and images to help map out their ideas. Finally, students take these ideas and turn them into original short plays. Check out some examples of story boards from students at Another Course to College and Jeremiah Burke High School:



C1 wraps up the school year at Boston Adult Technical Academy

This year Company One Theatre Teaching Artists taught over 100 English as a Second Language students at Boston Adult Technical Academy. Through theatre rich curriculum based on script analysis, playwriting, vocal and physical acting techniques, every student was able not only to improve their public speaking and reading skills, but also write their own original play. Check out an example of original work written by an ESL 1 student at BATA as well as photos from their final performance:

Just a Dream: an original piece by Fabio Reis

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