Students Take a Stand in Their Communities

All across the nation, students are voicing their opinions about inherent social and political issues. Check out these articles to see what America’s youth is doing to take a stand on some pretty important topics.

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“I am proud of the way you’ve stepped out to have your voices heard,” said Mayor Michael Hancock — the city’s second black mayor.”


“In solidarity with the victims, a group of students organized the protest under the group name YES ALL Daughters. The group has also released a set of demands for the school district, including that the school better handle instances of bullying and provide more resources for victims of sexual assault.”



Meet Company One’s new team of Apprentices!

Apprentices 2015 Group Shot

Brieana Valdez, Erique Green, Nada Shaaban, Yanni Cabrera, Maceo Berg

Who are these ridiculously stylish and coordinated folks, you ask? They are Company One Theatre’s new team of 2014/2015 Production Apprentices on their first day of work! They didn’t even coordinate on purpose.

Each year Company One works with students in collaboration with the Department of Youth Engagement and Employment to provide positive workforce experience to Boston High School students during the school-year and summer. Throughout the program these students will create various community engagement events to support WHAT’S NEXT in the Boston community. Stay tuned for more information about their upcoming events!