Apprentices Host Monologue Writing Workshop with 826 Boston Students

By Nada Shaaban, C1 Production Apprentice

blogpostOn Wednesday April 22nd, Company One Apprentices hosted a monologue writing workshop called “Don’t Kill my SCRIBE!” at 826 Boston, a non-profit organization that supports youth with writing skills and academics. I’ll be the first to admit I was nervous to take on twelve 11-14 year olds for this event. The workshop consisted of students writing monologues based on random objects, and general and specific statements. Through improvisation activities,the students developed characters and stories that they then had the option of sharing with the group. I noticed that some struggled with figuring out what to write about and maintaining focus. I didn’t really know how to help at first, but I realized I should just be there for support and guidance. At the end, a student who was struggling the entire time ended up wanting to share the most. The following is an excerpt from that students monologue: “I am short, I am going to the mall and I’m 4’3, yes I’m short but mom this is how Brave I am.” It was a pretty comical piece that I enjoyed a lot. It was wonderful to see the students who shared their monologues or even just pieces of it. They sounded so proud and confident about what they had created. Overall, it was a very successful day and I believe every student left with some idea of what a monologue is and what steps you can take to create one. We hope to be able to go back and do a similar writing workshop with 826 Boston, and other organizations in the future.blogpost2

For more information about volunteering at 826 Boston, or with a writing workshop, visit the website below.